Do you want to start your spiritual journey, grow in your faith, or learn how you can get involved in the church? The REFINERY provides training to help with this. 

REFINERY 101: Intro to The REFINERY and Christian Faith 

This hour-and-a-half class will teach you what it looks like to follow Christ and gives you the tools you need for the journey. This class is also a great first step for learning about The Refinery, what we believe, and how to become a member of our church family. We offer this class 2-3 times a year, conveniently after church on Sundays.

One-on-One Discipleship 

Being individually discipled by a mature Christian is an important step in a believer’s spiritual and emotional growth. But even mature Christians can benefit from getting one-on-one support, encouragement, instruction and spiritual direction.

Disciplers and disciples usually meet once a week for 3-4 months. After that, they may have the option to have more intermittent meetings (e.g.: once a month or a few times a year).

If you're interested in being discipled or in becoming a discipler, contact Pastor Summer (summernoel@gmail.com) for more information.

Leadership Development 

At The REFINERY, we recognize the spiritual gifts of both men and women, young and seasoned, and are continually developing and empowering new leaders. We also value life-long learning and education for our leaders. 

Life Group Leader Training

Our life group leaders are on the front lines of ministry. They are the ones who facilitate the group discussion, pray for group members, and can face difficult situations on a regular basis. We host regular trainings for new and seasoned leaders to provide them with the information and encouragement they need to have healthy, thriving life groups.      

Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit

Every year, we send a team of pastors, life group leaders, and elders to attend the two-day Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit. There, they have the opportunity to learn and grow from world-class leaders from all over the world.