Position: Youth Pastor 

Location: 494 E Street, Chula Vista, CA

Start date: Sept 2019 

The REFINERY Vision: To help every person become spiritually healthy and mature in Christ  – loving God and loving others. 

Supervisor/Mentor: Senior Pastor

The team that supports this position: Senior pastor, Associate pastor, office manager, current youth group teaching team. The office manager is the church shopper and orders curriculum and supplies for this position.

Budget: The 2019 expense budget is $1,500. The youth pastor is given a debit or credit card to use for youth ministry expenses. 

Primary Responsibilities: Lead the REFINERY youth ministry, set the vision in alignment with the church's vision, form a leadership team, choose and order curriculum, recruit and teach students (or see that that they are taught by a godly, responsible team), outreach to draw more students into the group,  plan activities, lead events, promote camps, mentor young people into maturity in Christ, reach out to and support parents, train volunteers and participate in the community life of the church. 

Community life: We do expect that the youth pastor to be a part of the church community.   This requires the youth pastor to find other leaders to help teach the Sunday morning youth group so that the youth pastor can participate in the Sunday service at least three times per month. The youth pastor might then teach the youth group on Sundays once per month to stay in touch with those who only come Sundays.  We think it is very important for our staff to be part of the worship and learning experiences on Sundays, to be in relationship with other staff members and the whole church community. We don't want the youth pastor to be isolated within the youth ministry. We think it is very healthy for the pastor to able to worship sitting with their family. 

Position Requirements: A passion to help youth know Christ and grow in spiritual health; youth ministry experience, a vital ongoing and personal experience with God, moral integrity. 

Age range of students: 7-12 grade, 8-15 students 

Hours: Sundays, 10:00 am to 12 noon, Wednesday, 6:30 to 8:30 pm, 1-hour meeting with staff team each week, and some time for youth events, about one event every six weeks. Some of the special events or outreach events could be scheduled on Wed nights. The job works out to 6-7 hours per week, except when doing camps or big events. 

Salary: $500 per month 

Vacation Policy 

Regular or part-time employees are eligible to accrue vacation benefits upon the date of hire.  

REFINERY Church requests that an employee work six (6) months before requesting vacation time. Exceptions can be made. 

Vacation benefits must be approved in advance by your immediate supervisor or the Senior Pastor of REFINERY Church. 

If at all possible, vacation must be scheduled at least one month in advance. There is no pay for employees in lieu of taking a vacation. If an employee leaves there their position, accrued vacation up to that point, for that year, will be paid. Vacation time does not accrue year to year.  

Vacation benefits accrue as follows. 

Part-time employees regularly scheduled to work 1-10 hours per week 

First-year, one and one-half weeks of paid vacation, equal to the number of hours worked in a regular span one and one-half weeks, two of those days off can be Sundays if that is a regular workday.  

Second, through the fifth year, two weeks paid vacation per year, equal to two times the hours normally worked in two weeks. Three Sundays can be taken off as part of this vacation time.  

Fifth through the tenth year, three weeks of paid vacation, equal to three times the number of hours worked in a normal week. Three Sundays can be taken off as part of the vacation time.  

Church Staff Vacation Days 

These will be the paid staff vacation days. If the holiday falls on the staff members normal day off, then the next day may be taken. 

New Year’s Day – January 1

Memorial Day – observed on the last Monday in May

Independence Day – July 4

Labor Day – first Monday in September

 Veterans Day – November 11

 Thanksgiving – fourth Thursday in November

 Christmas – December 25